2014 Races

Celtic Solstice:  12/13/14
There is always someone who finishes last.  I decided this race would be my race.  And I didn't want it to be one of those photo finish/too close to call/ who was last finishes.  No, I decided that I would make sure there was absolute certainty that I was last - by about 8 minutes.

It was 34 degrees out and there were a lot of hills at the beginning.  I appreciate the race cyclist who's job it was to stay with the last "runner".  I also appreciate the offer from one of the volunteers driving by to help close down the water station.  She offered me the bike in the back of her truck.  I tolder her "Thank you, but then I'd just be pushing a bike."

At least 5 miles was accomplished.

  1. Staying warm before the start.
    Staying warm before the start.
Army Ten Miler:  10/12/14
Ed did great.  He finished in 1:31.  Leslie stuck with me and pushed me the whole time. We did not make the time cutoff, and were diverted toward the finish line.  We still covered about 9 miles and did cross the finish line in 2.5 hours - just 1 mile short.  Next year I'll complete all 10.

  1. Crossing the bridge.
    Crossing the bridge.
  2. With Ed after the race.
    With Ed after the race.
  3. With Leslie after the race.
    With Leslie after the race.
My first race - the Celtic Classic 5K:  9/27/14
This race is a 5k run/walk and a 10K run.  It was in Bethlehem, PA on September 27, 2014.  I was there with Ed to compete the next day with our bagpipe band.  Several band members competed in the 5K.  I was the last of the 5K band members to cross the finish line although just to be clear, not the last 5K participant to cross the finish line.  My goal for the day was just to finish the race and to beat Ed - he was running the 10K.  I beat Ed by 2 minutes.  It was nice having a cheering section at the finish line.

  1. Finishing the 5K.
    Finishing the 5K.