2019 Races

Running On Air had 4 teams participating in Run the Edge's Run the Year challenge.

Mary's solo miles for 2019: 1093
Baltimore Running Festival, MD:  10/12/19
​I seems funny to say that this was a training race, but that's what it was.  I did the Baltimoronathon, which was the 5K followed by the half marathon.  I had to budget my portable oxygen concentrator battery a bit, and the start of both races was a bit further than the last time I did this race.  I still had enough time in between to go back to my car to swap out my batteries.  I cut pretty close for the half marathon.  I had to put my concentrator on the lowest setting and made my way back to my car.  The POC died right as I opened my car door

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Donate Life Family Fun Run - Baltimore, MD:  9/14/19
This was a special race because I got to do it with my sister and her kids.  This race is about transplants, recipients and donors and donor families.  My sister, at the time of this race, is 5 years post double lung transplant.  And I did this race as a transplant candidate.

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Disco 5K - Houston, TX:  5/19/19
​I was in Texas for the first time for the American Thoracic Society conference so of course I had to see what races were going on nearby on Sunday (my only free morning).  I found a disco themed 5K that was only 2 or so miles from the hotel.  I tried going with the disco theme by getting disco ball earrings and some funky shorts.  I wore the wrist sweatbands.  There were a lot of great costumes and I never thought of gold lame.  Next time. 

There was supposed to be a PCD contingent, all wearing our new Running On Air shirts.  Unfortnately, due to various medical emergencies, three out of the five of us couldn't do it.

The race was pretty much all out in the sun.  It definitely got warm by the end of the race. Carey, who did the half marathon in Georgia with me in December 2015 kept me company.

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