Run The Year 2017 Teams

Completing 2017 Miles in 365 days

This year we have twelve people forming four teams with the goal of each team completing 2017 miles by the end of the year. You can learn more about each team's members below.

Team 1 - 3 Lungs Running

  1. Renee Dale
    Renee was diagnosed at age 6 with PCD after struggling with respiratory issues since birth. She has spent most of her life in service, from scouting, sending cheer packages to PCD patients who are confined to the hospital, and anything in between. Renee's PCD journey has been a long journey, she has struggled with respiratory failure since age 30. Renee's motto is; "Did you remember to pass on your smile today? Because; you just never know who's day that you will brighten a long the way."
  2. Lalonie Sanders Duffy
    I live in the valley where the air is always bad. I have asthma and always was underweight. Then around 40 the weight started coming on and around 48 the doctor said I had to make changes or I would have a heart attack.. I started walking and running 5ks after hip reconstruction. I have moved up on my walking and running and training for my first half marathon for this year. My daughter, 31, is recently diagnosed with COPD and heart problems. Now I have just been run/walking out frustration. Walk/running is great stress reliever and gets in those miles each day. Also I was told by my daughter seeing her mother do these miles inspires her to move more so it is all worth it.
  3. Rebecca Jeannine Haskins
    This is Rebecca. At 33 years old, life has taken many twists and turns. Her journey with PCD began at birth, arriving 7 weeks early into the world. It would take 27 years, many doctors and many tests to get the proper diagnosis of PCD. She is currently on the transplant list, waiting for a double lung transplant. Rebecca enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and her two dogs. She is a Registered Nurse and hopes to one day return to the work she is so passionate about. She also works diligently to maintain what little lung function she has left, by working out everyday and using supplemental oxygen. Her motto these days, "Let's Rock & Roll"!! Rebecca was also a member of Running On Air's Amerithon team which virtually crossed the US, 3,521 miles, in 6 months.

Team 2 - Lungs of Glory

  1. Libby Clark
    This is Libby, she's 23 with a 3 year old PCD'er. Her journey started shortly after her daughter was born in respiratory distress. She dedicates her time to improving her health to be a role model for her PCD'er. She's currently attending college to become an RN, graduating in May. Libby was on Running On Air's Amerithon team, which virtually crossed the US, 3,521 miles in about 6 months.
  2. Lynn Ehrne
    Lynn was diagnosed with PCD at a young age. She has been active in outreach to patients and setting up forums for patients to connect. ​Lynn is a board member for the PCD Foundation and an employee, where she is the Executive Assistant and Clinical Centers Coordinator. This is Lynn's second year participating on one of Running On Air's teams in the Run The Year challenge. She was also on our Amerithon team
  3. Amy Dawson Archer
    I am a Respiratory Therapist and I work in Pulmonary Rehab. I like to run, lift weights, kickboxing, boot camps, and cheering on my daughters. I am running my second marathon in October at the Chicago marathon.Rebecca was also a member of Running On Air's Amerithon team which virtually crossed the US, 3,521 miles, in 6 months.

Team 3 - Inspiration x 4

  1. Jim Collins
    Jim Collins is a retired professor who runs to keep his COPD in check. He also writes, builds furniture and recently took up skateboarding to keep up with his grandchildren. This is Jim's second year on one of Running On Air's teams in the Run the Year challenge.
  2. Deb Kubincanek
    I am 56 years old and I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary in October 2015. I have one son, who just blessed me with my 1st grandson. This is my 3rd year doing the Run The Year (RTY) challenge. I have never been an athlete. I started running in May of 2012, because my son moved to Richmond to be with his now wife. It was a great way to deal with stress. I ran my first 5 k on July 4, 2012, with 4 of my sons friends and I was hooked! I never believed I would be capable of running more than a 5k. I have run several 5k's , 10k's, 10 milers , 1/2 marathon' s and my first marathon was in Richmond 2014, with a wonderful person that I meet through the RTY challenge.
  3. Terry Kennedy
    My name is Terry and I am the newest member of Team Inspiration×4. Being an oxygen wearing athlete has been quite a ride! Ironically, I was diagnosed with an interstitial lung disease secondary to Crohn's Disease while working in an acute care setting as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I was also a college instructor in the same healthcare field. My goal is to bring awareness to rare respiratory disorders and autoimmune issues. I may not be fast but in the end I know I am blessed to be able to share this journey with others!

Team 4 - Too Slow to Catch Our Breath

  1. Susan K. Everett
    My name is Susan. I grew up and lived most of my adult life in Arizona. 9-1/2 years ago we decided to make the move east, ending up in SE Pennsylvania. Having FOUR seasons is incredible! I have an amazing husband and 2 grown children. I work in the healthcare field, as a Respiratory Therapist, in the homecare/durable medical setting. I have had a 65# weight loss over the past 11 months. With daily exercise, medication and accountability I intend to continue my lifestyle change and weight loss journey. This 2017 in 2017 virtual run is a gigantic step for me - committing to a specific goal and consistently (sometimes moment by moment) working towards that goal.
  2. Mary Kitlowski
    Mary was diagnosed with PCD when she was 17. She was never much of a runner in school. One day in her 30's she decided she wanted to run. She started out just doing intervals for a minute at a time and worked her way up to running for 30 minutes and then moved on to running for 3-5 miles. PCD's constant infections took their toll though, and in 2002 Mary found herself no longer able to run miles at a time. Mary struggled for years, periodically trying the same method she'd used before to no avail. In 2014 Mary's doctor prescribed oxygen for exertion. This made a huge difference. With 40% lung capacity Mary still can't run for more than a minute at a time, but she refuses to give up. Mary founded Running On Air in October 2014 to help raise awareness of PCD, lung diseases and rare diseases. She has a goal of participating in a race in every state. This is Mary's third year participating in Run the Edge's Run the Year challenge. She is honored to be an ambassador for the Amerithon challenge. Her Amerithon team (three members of which are also doing the Run the Year challenge) finished their miles in early January. Mary hopes to complete the entire distance (3,521 miles) before the end of the year. She figures training for her first marathon will help get her there.