Run The Year 2020 Teams

Completing 2020 Miles in 366 days

This year we have six people forming two teams with the goal of each team completing 2020 miles by the end of the year. You can learn more about each team's members below.

Team 1 - This Won't Take Lung

  1. Sherri
    This is Sherri's 2nd year on one of our RTY teams. She is a three time Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher.
  2. Jim
    Jim Collins is a retired professor who runs to keep his COPD in check. In 2019 Jim won three gold medals in the Masters at the State Games of America. He also writes, builds furniture and recently took up skateboarding to keep up with his grandchildren. This is Jim's fourth year on one of Running On Air's teams in the Run the Year challenge.

Team 2 - Breathtaking

  1. Susan
    I’ve been a Respiratory Therapist in the home care setting for 12 years now. I truly enjoy interacting with, educating and encouraging my Respiratory clients about their oxygen and sleep apnea needs. This is my fourth year participating in the Run The Year challenge on one of the Running On Air's teams. I truly enjoy this challenge because it keeps me consistently thinking about ‘moving’ and staying active.
  2. Lisolette
    My name is Lisa. I was born and raised in Sweden and moved to the US in my late 20’s. One of my favorite quotes is “Be the change you wish to see in the World” by Gandhi. I believe in taking all the chances that comes along. I am aware of how fragile Life can be, and how our Lifes can change in a split second. I believe everything in Life happens for a reason, even though sometimes we may not understand why, at that very moment. I started to love to run a couple of years ago. I decided it was time to set some goals and decided to train for a half-Marathon. It was such an amazing feeling crossing that finish-line reaching the goal. This is Lisolette's 3rd year on one of our RTY teams. She completed her first marathon this past January.
  3. Lynn
    Lynn was diagnosed with PCD at a young age. She has been active in outreach to patients and setting up forums for patients to connect. ​Lynn is a board member for the PCD Foundation and an employee, where she is the Executive Assistant and Clinical Centers Coordinator. This is Lynn's fifth year participating on one of our RTY teams. She was also on our Amerithon team.
  4. Mary
    This is Mary's 6th year doing the Run the Year challenge. She enjoys the friends she has made through the group and the encouragement no matter a person's abilities.